Golf Club

The most beautiful golf courses

Two fields of 27 holes and one of 18.

Three golf courses with different characteristics, which stand out for their location and elegance. The first paduan golf course arises in the heart of the Euganean hills and shares a border with the Villa Barbarigo from the seventeenth century.

It includes 27 holes designed by the architect John Harris from Studio Cotton in London. On the other hand, the Golf Club Montecchia, founded in 1988, was designed by the famous architect Tom Macauley, who at the time was President of the British Association of Golf Course Architects. The Golf Club Frassanelle arises in the heart of the Euganean Hills too, and the project was designed in 1990 by the famous venetian architect Giuseppe Jappelli, who realized a park of more than 200 hectares in the wide propriety of Villa Papafava.

Golf Club Montecchia

A course of 27 holes at the doors of Padua