The brenta’s riviera and its venetian villas

36km of unique landscape beauty

A paradise’s corner with the best Venetian villas of the region.

The Brenta’s Riviera it’s a venetian territory which goes through the provinces of Padua and Venice, along the river Brenta and it comprehends villas, green corners and restaurants with typical local dishes. The Brenta’s Riviera has lived a golden age between 1500 and  1600, because the rich Venetian patriots chose the area as ideal place of holiday.

Actually this is a well-known area for the numerous villas, some of them open to the public, where you can admire the architecture, the beautiful gardens and many frescoes, which you’ll find in these mansions.

In 36 kilometers of landscape, art, culture and history mix together. Among the visitable historical mansions we can mention: Villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Pisani (the most impressive), Villa Widman in Mira and finally, near Fusina, Villa Foscari, known as “La Malcontenta”, built on a Palladio’s drawing. Other villas that deserve a visit, even if just from the outside, are: Barbariga one, near Dolo, Villa Querini Stampalia in Mira and Villa Gardenigo in Oriago.

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Villa Foscari Malcontenta

Designed by Andrea Palladio

Villa Widmann

One of the late venetian baroque’s jewels

Villa Foscarini Rossi and the footwear museum

From Holiday mansion to footwear museum

Villa Pisani

The Queen of the Venetian’s Villa