Villa Widmann

One of the late venetian baroque’s jewels

Build by the venetian noblemen for their holidays.

Build by the venetian noblemen for their holidays, Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari is a splendid example of Villa in rococo style with french taste, located in a strategical position, almost at the midway between Venice and Padua. The recent restoration by the Metropolitan City of Venice, owner of the villa, which gave back the splendor of the past thanks to the perfect mix between the historical value and the modern technical equipment.

The complex is composed by  the dominical House, the colonnade, the greenhouse, Oratory, historical Garden and monumental Park. The last one hosts cypresses, horse chestnut and lot of rock statues such as Ninfee and Cupids, while, on the right side, takes place a small romantic lake, nineteenth century’s creation, with lots of swampland cypresses. On the right side of the complex, at the end of the portico of the colonnade, there is the gentile oratory with some areas for liturgic service.

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