Regional park of Euganean Hills

For nature and open air sports lovers

Land full of culture, paths surrounded by nature and charming villages.

The Regional Park of Euganean Hills is composed of about 18.694 hectares of land and it was established in 1989, in order to protect a more important area from the geomorphological, cultural, faunistic and gastronomical point of view.

The Park, inhabited since the lower Paleolithic, is characterized by the volcanic hills, which have been formed 35 millions of years ago, and the 15 municipalities that are located in this area, some of them really suggestive thanks to their medieval fortifications. In the Park there’s a diversified environment: this because of the number and type of animal and plant species that inhabit this area, among which mammals, more than 120 species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, butterflies and beetles. Concerning the flora of the Park, areas with different microclimates are alternated, offering a great diversification and the alternation among the mediterranean scrub, chestnut and oak forests, arid meadows and bushes. The particularity is in the cohabitation of plants species of warm and arid environment and other species of mountain character, giving life to an unique environment that we suggest you to visit.

In this place rich of ancient testimony of the Ancient Venetians, history, art and culture permeate each other. The numerous amount of archeological founds testify the history of this land and are preserved in the Museo Nazionale Atestino in the city of Este.

Discover the paths of the Park, by bicycle or walk, which will take you in a journey full of enchanting panoramas, great food, hermits and monasteries and places of art and culture celebrated from Francesco Petrarca too.

Here you’ll find the itinerary that we suggest you to follow:

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