Villa Pisani

The Queen of the Venetian’s Villa

An historical mansion with frescoes, paintings and original furniture.

Villa Pisani is an historical mansion, 10 minutes away from Padua and 20 from Venice, which nowadays is a national museum with furniture and paintings from 1700 and 1800, among  which the masterpiece of Gianbattista Tiepolo “Gloria della famiglia Pisani” (Pisani family’s glory), a fresco on the ceiling of the majestic Dancing Room.

The Villa has 114 rooms, which hosted, in the past, dodges, kings and emperors, while today the building recalls about hundred forty thousand of visitors a year. The surrounding park enchants for its scenographic visits, the original architectures, from the Coffee House  in the Exedra, the famous labyrinth of hedges, one of the most important of Europe, the precious collection of citrus fruits in the Orangerie and collection of plants and flowers in the Tropical Greenhouses, according to what Almorò Pisani said “all that can recreate the sight and  satisfy the taste”.

Educational activities, visits and itineraries, great exhibitions: this is just a few of what you’ll find in this magnificent mansion, which we absolutely suggest you to visit in order to live a piece of history of our past and let you remember the ancient  splendor of that time.

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