Golf Club Padova

The first paduan golf course

The Seventeenth century Villa Barbarigo borders with the first golf Club of Padua.

The Golf Club of Padova takes place in Valsanzibio di Galzignano, and  was built in 1962 with the name “Golf Club Euganeo”. With 27 holes and 7600 visitors per year, it is certainly one among the best attractions of the area, together with Villa Barbarigo, the marvellous venetian villa, which borders the golf club.

The course involves 27 holes designed by the architect John Harris from Studio Cotton in London, located  harmoniously in the nearby panorama. It hosted, through the years, the greatest championships and Open of the country. Moreover, the course is an authentic Botanical Garden with 8000 trees and specially chosen bushes, in order to integrate to the course and alternate with the water mirrors and sand barriers, strategically distributed.

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